How to invest in Cryptocurrency in 2021

investing in Crypto in 2021 is the best thing that can happen to anyone, but people often ask how do i invest in Crypto?

I’ll show you some easy steps that will help and guide you

If you’re a salary earner  and you don’t think you cannot  meet up with the weekly savings, you can do it monthly. It’s fine.

So if let’s say if you want to save one Thousands Naira $3 per week  and then you get your salary at the end of the month. hat means you’ll save $11 per month.

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it’d be cool if you can create a whatsApp group with colleagues or friends that are interested so you can post your screenshots after saving, and this will help motivate you to do more.

Note: I’ll recommend Binance App, download on Playstore or App Store. Click this link to register

The savings will run for  year then we can all withdraw at the end of 2021

Bellow are some Projects on the Binance smart chain i’ll recommend
Kebab etc
Just don’t forget to buy some bnb too