For all those who forget their car in the huge parking lot at the mall and never remember where they leave it every time they park on the street, Siri and Maps have the solution. iOS offers a feature in combination of its virtual assistant and the location app that allows us to know quickly and without even having to do anything where we have parked the car in a moment.

This feature works thanks to the bluetooth systems of the car stereo and hands-free equipment. Taking advantage of the disconnection of the iPhone from the vehicle, it automatically records the position in which it is at that moment, so that it remembers exactly where it was disconnected from the car. Do you want to know how to activate the iOS Car Parked function ? We explain step by step how to do it.

This is how our iPhone is configured so that it remembers where we have parked
As we mentioned previously, the system, once activated, does not require any more interaction from the user than invoking Siri and asking where have I parked the car? However, to get there we first had to configure the system to remember it. To do this, follow these steps:

1st Open Settings on your iPhone.

2nd Click on Maps .

3rd Swipe to the bottom of the menu and make sure you have activated the toogle that says Show parked car .

4th Within Settings we will go to Privacy .

5th We click on the first option where it says Location .
6th Make sure that the toogle that says Location is activated.
7th Followed, below the Location toogle you will find a list with the access permissions for apps to it. Find Maps and click on it.

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8th In the first block that we will see, click on When the app is used .

To finish with the service configuration, we only have to activate the Important places option , this is done like this:

9th We return to the Location menu within Privacy , and we go where it says at the bottom of the System Services , click to enter.
10th We slide down until we see the Important places option , click on it and slide the toogle in case it is not already active.
If you have reached this point, you already have the entire location system for the position of your parked car active. Now it only remains to know how to access this information, and for that , what better way to ask Siri?

How to access the position of our parked car
The easiest thing is to ask Siri Where have I parked my car? , so that the virtual assistant returns us the position in Vehicle Maps. If, on the contrary, we prefer to do it in a much more manual way, if we enter the Maps app and slide from bottom to top on its interface, the position of our car should appear in the first or second option. We will only have to click on it for the iPhone to give us instructions on how to get there .

Add additional information to the location of the car

Maps, in addition to registering the position of the vehicle, allows us to attach additional information about the place, both in writing and by adding an image to the saved position. To do this, following the steps to find the car manually in the app, if we click on the parked car icon we will see how a drop-down menu allows us to add a note in which to put some significant detail of the place if it is easier for us. to find later, such as a photos of the site , for example if we want to leave a record of which cars we had parked on the sides, a photo of the parking receipt or simply to make the location more visual.

As you have seen, this function can be very useful, and once activated it does not require any type of extra interaction when leaving the vehicle . Finding the car is only a question to Siri away, which is very handy when we are in a little known place. The next time you will not waste time looking for your car, Siri and Maps will take care of your back.