wow, this is an awesome development a phone case that literally craws to the wireless charger to get itself charge, i know lazy folks like me will be so happy and embrace this technology, now like get rid of that fancy phone case and embrace virtual reality.

it’s always hard for some of us to charge especially in a country where electric is not stable.

Before now when we start using or phone and we remember when the electrify will be turned oneĀ  panic begins to set in when battery levels drop below 50%.

In one of the strangest ways to keep that stress at bay, a team of researchers has developed a new phone case with a set of tiny robotic legs that allow a phone to be dragged onto a wireless charging pad each time it is placed. on your desk.

Robotics researchers at the Seoul National University Bio robotics Laboratory adapted an existing tracking robot to create the Case-crawler. Like battery cases from companies like Mophie, CaseCrawler adds a bit of bulk to your phone, roughly 16 millimeters at the end that houses the prototype’s electric motor.

If it is ever put into production, the shell could definitely be simplified and miniaturised further, but 16 millimetres is still impressive given that CaseCrawler features a set of retractable legs with a knee that bends unidirectional so that when moved in one direction, they push. against the ground and propel the robot forward.

When they move in the opposite direction, they collapse and act passively so as not to impede the robot’s forward locomotion. The case can support a payload of up to 300 grams, which is 13 times its own weight, and more than enough to carry an average phone, which weighs less than 200 grams.


The CaseCrawler prototype does not appear to have its own intelligence or ability to drive; it just runs forward in one direction. However, thanks to its clever leg design, it does not suffer from smaller obstacles in its path, through which it can simply crawl.

Over time, the phone you carry could provide all the intelligence and sensors you need to intelligently orient yourself and navigate an area like a desk without scampering over the edge.

Automatically finding a charging pad to fill your battery is an app, but imagine if the next time you lost your phone, you could just call it a pet and it would run back to you. That’s a future many of us would aim for with our eyes closed, even if you’re the type who He hates putting his phone in a case.