Top Free Online Courses To Take in 2021

It is no longer news that the whole world stands at the mercy of Covid-19, a deadly pandemic that brought an abrupt end to social, religious, commercial and political activities. Most governments deem it wise to place complusory restrictions on social movements and gatherings so as to curb the spread of this virus.

However, the internet space seems to be immune to this harsh reality in that it is still as busy, eventful and interesting as before. Interestingly, people now have an unusually free time to consider new opportunities, broaden their horizons, diversify or enrich their skillset, learn new skills or hone their job skills.

Little wonder, Attorney Brian White & Associate claimed that the far-reaching impact of Covid-19 has brought about an expotential increase in online education. In this article, I will talk about some useful online courses you can delve into during this pandemic.

  1. Java Courses

Udemy gives you a wide range of Java courses for starters, intermediates or experts. By making use of their helpful filters, you can see the correct course for you. Their courses cut across elementary concepts to complex Java topics like Java Module System and more. Udemy affords you the juicy opportunity to learn Java from individuals whose area of specialty covers Java programming best practices. Online courses on Udemy is tailored towards preparing you for your future career as a Java developer. Passing the Java certification exam is so easy when you complete any of their courses.

  1. Online Marketing Courses

If you are keen on changing or stepping up your qualification you can venture into free online marketing courses on Alison which range from marketing management to social media marketing. Alison marketing courses are geared towards arming you with skills and strategies to grab your customer’s attention and leave them with no choice but to buy your services or products. Amazingly, five hours of study time will earn you an upgrade in your desired marketing course. There are more comprehensive and profound courses on Alison. It will interest you to know that upon the completion of any course on Alison, you are given certificate as a proof of expertise in your chosen niche.

  1. Instagram Marketing Courses

Do you want to build and develop brand loyalty and enrich yourself on Instagram?  Skillshare is a right place to go as it parades a wide array of Instagram marketing course. Every one of them is designed towards helping you attract certain targeted followers,  convert them into paying followers and forge healthy and strong relationships with them. On Skillshare, you will also learn effective ways of coming up with shareable photos and add elements of uniqueness to your account. Interestingly, the platform gives a free 14-day trial to unlimited classes.

  1. Business Analytics

Udacity offers a juicy opportunity for those keenly interested in online courses in business analytics. This course encompasses elementary data skills that apply to any industry. On this viable platform, you will learn how to obtain and analyze data, invent exciting business scenarios, and create helpful data visualizations with Excel, SQL, and Tableau. Udacity offers life practical examples from industry experts and technical mentor support.

The interesting thing about this course is there is no need for programming experience to start it. Given its thoughtful and personal approach, you can easefully create and develop data dashboards and convey stories via the use of data.

  1. Human resources courses

Coursera provides you with a top-notch online course enhance your human resource management skills. It opens doors of opportunities for entrepreneurs who are keen on enhancing their recruiting and retention efforts. The course offers you a rich knowledge base for acquiring  certain human resource management skills which enable you to effectively hire employees, manage performance, and reward employees.