How to Make the Most of Your Campus Life

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Attending a university is the dream of everyone and thereby we will like to help you on How to Make the Most of Your Campus Life.  if you’ve ever wondered how to make money on campus as a student, how to combine your social life and academic life etc then you must read this

The need for an unwavering focus as an undergraduate cannot be overemphasized. Focus is the key to success. Focus helps you maximise your time on campus. Focus brings the best out of you. Being an undergraduate introduces you to a new phase of life with its unique opportunities, demands, challenges and distractions. Being far from the prying eyes of your parents or your guardians affords you unlimited freedom you probably have never had before. This new-found freedom, if not properly and wisely used, will give rise to serious excesses and laxities on your part.

Gone are the days when your parents would compel you to do the needful. The decision to wake up early and dress up for classes, do your assignments, prepare well for exams is now entirely up to you. The influence of your parents or guardians has dwindled to a large extent. It’s now entirely up to you to choose the kind of life you want to leave on campus or the type of identity you want to embrace. The ball is now in your court. Your destiny is now practically placed into your hands

The goal of this writer is to provide you with tips that will help you to be focused, committed and  success-driven even amid the overwhelming distractions and frivolities that characterise the university life: These tips include:

  1. Set Goals

Goals keep you focused and committed. Clearly and intentionally write out the goals you want to achieve at the end of every semester like the kinds of grades you want to have in your every course, the number of hours to read and revise every day etc. Place these written goals in strategic places that will always remind you of them and keep you aglow.  Places like the wall above your study desk, your phone wallpaper, your school notebooks, in your kitchen or bathroom walls etc.

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  1. Be Organised

One of the factors that affect focus on campus is to be burdened with many responsibilities and duties which might contend for the ample time that your studies firmly require. Extracurricular activities like faculty associations, church fellowships,  social clubs and gatherings and the like place certain demands on you that can affect your academic commitment in the long run. However, I do not advocate of being a lone ranger or a bookish introvert. But the point I am driving home is simple: put first things first. Don’t attend these meetings when you ought to be reading or preparing for your exams.

  1. Manage Your Time Wisely

The time that is not properly planned for will be squandered. You can download Google Calendar app on your phone. This app will automatically send you reminds of important activities and tasks you set in the calendar time slots. This will help you to schedule and plan for your 24 hours effectively. Schedule when you need to meet assignment deadlines, meet friends for fun and come back home to rest and brace up for the next day etc. An electronic agenda is very good if you don’t buy into the idea of carrying a diary around.

  1. Control Your Use of Social Media Platforms and Internet Space Generally

The internet can be very instrumental or detrimental to your academic pursuit. You can’t spend most of your time everyday chit-chatting, droning over celebrities’ pictures, watching films etc and still expect to make the most of your time on campus. Allot good time for these social engagements. Don’t get yourself engaged on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc indiscriminately at the expense of your studies. More importantly, avail yourself of helpful online sites where you can get video tutorials, e-books, articles, journals, online courses etc. Even Google is a loaded lot that demystifies everything subject matter for us. On Google, there is an avalanche of sources for any topic you intend to research on.

How to Make the Most of Your Campus Life