Surviving the Lockdown with a Sound Mind

Earlier this year the world was hit by a pandemic named the Covid-19, I don’t want to bore us with the story as we all know how it happened and where it originated from.

The pandemic sent us home from Work, place of worship, School and Business places, to me this is not a good one and to all of us here, as time goes on we started
getting used to staying at home and avoid public places so as to not contract the virus and avoid further spreading.

In this article, I’ll be sharing on how to survive the lockdown with a sound mind and a more enhanced person. a popular saying goes like this “An idle mind is the
devil’s workshop” we will all agree with this, since we are all home we barely do much we only Sleep, wake, eat, browse sleep and repeat, in order to survive this
lockdown and be the person you’ve dreamt of becoming in life you need to work on these areas of your life
1. Take Digital Course
2. Spend time talking to colleagues at work or school mates
3. Attend free webinars
4. Work out
5. Stay safe

  1. Take Digital Course: Special thanks to all who made their online courses free and those who slashed the price to enable us to have something doing to keep our brain busy and healthy during this trying times, my sincere appreciation goes to google who gave us a platform to search and find those free courses,  Some are listed below
CopyBlogger Marketing Email Course
Google’s Online Marketing Challenge
Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter
WordStream's Growth Academy
If you have not utilized the free courses please choose one and go for it.

2. Spend time talking to colleagues at work or school mates: This has been my number one advice to all my mates at school since we began the lockdown,. spending quality time with them online keeps our brain fresh with what we’ve been taught in class, we organize online classes and tutorials for ourselves by ourselves. And to the working class, I’ll advise you to keep your colleagues close and engage them in conversation relating to work, by doing so you’ll never go wrong after the pandemic is over.

3. Attend free webinars: Wow, since the inception of this pandemic I’ve attended so many webinars and workshops that I’ve lost counts of and I must say all are packed with value, you might be wondering how to attend a free webinar, don’t get lost in your though, google is your friend and if you want to be updated straight to your email make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, we won’t bug you with unnecessary emails.

4. Work out: Shocked right? so many of us have added so much weight that we are supprised how and when it happened, no need to worry too much, just go get your Jogging suit and let’s do some magic together.

I noticed my wears are becoming too tight and I was like wow, you’re getting fat and straight away I checked amazon and got a bike for myself and started working out you too can lose that excess weight if you do what works best for you.

5. Stay safe: Lastly Please stay safe and religiously follow all necessary precautions by the WHO