Why Bloggers quit Blogging

Hello, Welcome to my blog, I hope you find the value you’re looking for here. This does not only happens to bloggers alone, different people representing the various institution we know are facing this, few examples are the Tailors, Bricklayers,Engineer, Store owners etc.  In this post we will be looking at Why Bloggers quit Blogging, there are some reasons why most Bloggers quit and leave their blogs.

A lot of bloggers have abandoned their blogs and are no longer interested in blogging due to one challenge or the other

Some of them are:
Highly competitive niche

Frustration: Some bloggers started blogging with the nation that after creating their first blog the next thing is to start earning money from God knows where and when this money is not forth coming the tend to get angry and leave their blogs to fallow and thereby quit blogging.

Highly Competitive Niche: Most Bloggers just ventured into a niche that the competition is high and  with little knowledge, some of those niche are:
Real Estate
Weight loss
Financial services
Legal services
As you can see the niche listed above requires  of skill and professionalism and also time consuming and most of this new bloggers don’t have that time or patience to put into blogging thereby making them to quit blogging

Earning:This is a point every blogger want to get to in a very short time  and with hard work most bloggers starts earning from their blogs in less than 2 months, some 6 months, some 1 year, while others may take eternity lol. You might want to ask why most bloggers earn and still quit blogging, the answer is simple what they earn is not what the feel they should be earning and they’ve tried in putting effort to increase the earning but all proved negative, some end up selling their blogs why other just let it go until the domain and host expires.

Passion: Bloggers blog because it’s there passion, when the passion is no more the blogger suffers most, if you’re a blogger you’ll agree with me that when you started blogging your passion was your main drive, but on the long run we all lost that drive to pursue after money and name, when all this fails they tend to leave the blog and do other things.

Above are some of the reasons why bloggers quit blogging, though this reasons are not genuine to me, as a blogger i started blogging in 2009 during the era of Wapka and created my blogspot blog in 2013 i wasn’t earning a dime and i did’t give up i created more blogs and worked on many other’s as Admin and as Authors.

Note: Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme or a place for the lazy and feeble mind, and like i always say, “Blogging is not for the weak or the faint heart”.

Finally, Blogging still pays if you follow the right track and do the right thing.

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